6000 Landscape Details I & II & III

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This book selects more than 6000 pictures about landscape details of property landscape, park, wet land and tourism area. Most of the pictures are taken by our photographers like Xiao Kaixiong, who initiates a special trip to Xian in China and regions in Japan and America. These pictures are latest and original as well. According to modern landscape elements, all the pictures are categorized into 13 categories which are landscape planning, landscape early expansion figure, plaza, yard, waterscape, greening, road, mat formation, landscape ornament, architectural ornament, installation landscape and landscape lighting. In every category, there are secondary, third or even fourth subdivisions, making the categorization as detailed as possible and contain as much information as it can. Compared with other books on landscape details, this book simultaneously contains three categories, namely drawing of landscape planning, landscape early expansion figure and picture of landscape aerial view. This is also a highlight of this book.

Landscape Planning
Planning of Public Landscape
Planning of Community Landscape
Landscape Early Expansion Figure
Public Landscape
Landscape in Residential Area
Landscape Aerial View
Public Landscape
Landscape in Residential Area
Urban Plaza
Community Plaza
Mat Formation
Integrated Mat Formation
Road Design
6000 Landscape Details 
Garden in the Air
Private Yards
Central Yards
Grouped Yards
Dynamic Water
Static Water
Hard Water Surface
Landscape Lighting
Footpath Lamp
Landscape Lamp
Decorative Lamp
6000 Landscape Details 
Architectural Ornaments
Installation Landscape
Installations for Rest
Recreational Installations
Indicative Installations
Landscape Ornaments
Sculpture Design
Tensioned Membrane Structure
Landscape Stone

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